The ZERITIS GROUP was founded in 1980, by Panos Zeritis. The Group owns and operates 5 Paper Mills and one Consulting/Engineering Organization.
A. THRACE PAPER MILL S.A.- "DIANA"/XANTHI - GREECE No 1 in Tissue (private) in Greece with 20% Tissue market share

B. PISZKEI PAPER MILL S.A "CREPTO"/ LABATLAN- HUNGARY No 1 in Tissue and Fine Papers in Hungary, with more than 50% market shares.

C. ST. ANDRE PAPER MILL S.A BUDAPEST- HUNGARY No 1 in Envelopes and Specialty Papers in Hungary

D. PYRAMIDS PAPER MILL S.A "FLORA"/ CAIRO- EGYPT No 1 in Tissue in Egypt, (62,5% ownership).

E. BELOVO PAPER MILL S.A "BELOVO"/ BELOVO - BULGARIA No 1 in Tissue papers in Bulgaria.

PAPER INDUSTRY CONSULTANT specialized in tissue
GR-12242 - ATHENS
TEL.: +30-210-6248700
TEL.: +30-210-6204250/260
FAX: +30-210-8071469

PANOS ZERITIS was born in Athens in 1931.

Studies He finished the Varvakios Athens High School. He graduated in Chemical Engineering from the National Technical University of Athens.
Languages He is fluent in English, French, Italian and German.
Family He is married with two children.
1995 1996
Group Turnover million USD 134,4 145,3
Group Cash Flow million USD 18,0 22,5

He started his career in the paper industry at "ATHENS PAPER MILL S.A.- SOFTEX" in 1957, where he established the tissue paper sector from 1961 to 1972.

By the time of his departure from the company in 1972, "ATHENS PAPER MILL S.A. - SOFTEX" was the biggest tissue producer in Europe and an important producer of writing, printing and packaging papers.

From 1972 to 1975 he was General Manager of PAKO Corrugated Cartons Industry and Consultant of VIS Packaging.

From 1972 to 1980, as a paper industry consultant, he successfully completed projects in many countries (Italy, Yugoslavia, Germany, Kuwait, Lebanon, South Africa, Turkey, Iran, etc.).

In 1975, together with prominent Greek Papermakers he formed "CARTELLAS S.A.- DELICA".

In 1980 he started "THRACE PAPERMILL S.A. - DIANA". He remains until now the 100% shareholder and President. THRACE PAPER MILL S.A. No 1 private Paper Mill in Greece and its main activity is Consumer Tissue Products.

In 1987 he started "PYRAMIDS PAPERMILL S.A.E.- FLORA" in Cairo, Egypt, in collaboration with local partners. He is currently 62,5% majority shareholder and President of the Company. PYRAMIDS PAPER MILLS S.A.E. ranks No 1 private Paper Mill in Egypt and its main activity is Consumer Tissue Products.

End 1993 he bought majority shares by privatization in 2 Paper Mills in Hungary. From 1.1.95 he is 100% shareholder and President of the two hungarian companies.

A) "ST. ANDRE PAPERMILL S.A." Its main activities are Envelopes and Specialty Papers.
B) "PISZKEI PAPERMILL S.A. - CREPTO" Its main activities are Consumer Tissue Products and Fine Papers and ranks No 1 in its activities.

End 1997 he bought the majority shares by privatization in one (1) Paper Mill in Bulgaria, "BELOVO PAPERMILL S.A." Its main activities are Consumer Tissue Products and other papers.


1) President of the Educational Center of Chemical Engineers
2) Vice President of the Federation of Greek Paper Industries
3) Board Member of the Economic and Industrial Research Institute
4) Board Member of Greek-American Business Council


1) President of Thrace Industries Union
2) President of Athens National Technical University Graduate Association
3) Vice President of the Industrial Property Organization
4) Board Member of National Bank of Greece in Athens and Paris


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